General Knowledge Questions - 1

1. The film industry of which Indian state is colloquially known as the '0llywood'?
Ans: Odisha

2. The terms of 'tin, telltale, oak tree, Philadelphia and die' are associated with which racquet game?
Ans: Squash

3. Name the Jamaican author of the book 'A Brief History of Seven Killings'?
Ans: Marlon James

4. What was the popular name of 'A Brief Memorandum Outlining a Plan of Economic Development for India', prepared by a group of industrialists in 1944?
Ans: Bombay Plan

5. Which Article of the Indian Constitution deals with 'Gram Sabha’?
Ans:  243-A

6. The medicines sold directly to a consumer without a prescription is known as:
Ans: Over-the Counter drugs (OTC)

7. Which tree so common in the African continent is known as the Fever Tree?
Ans: Vachellia xanthoploea

8. What is measured in the Scoville scale?
Ans: Pungency of chilli peppers

9. Which international organization prepares 'Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger'?

10. Which Indian state's major spoken language is Kumaoni?
Ans: Uttarakhand

11. Which is the first Grama Panchayat in Kerala to declare its own water policy?
Ans: Perumanna (Kozhikode District)

12. The presence of which biological molecules are detected through the Molisch's test?
Ans: Carbohydrates

13. Which Ocean's marginal seas are the Beaufort Sea & Chukchi Sea?
Ans: Arctic Ocean

14. Which chemical is also known in the nickname of 'the English Salt'?
Ans: Magnesium sulphate

15. The lake Tsomgo, famous for its changing colors is situated in which Indian state?
Ans: Sikkim