University Assistant / VEO / Group d Important 50 Gk Questions - Part 26

  1. The biographical memory of A.O. Hume was written by ?

  2. If a body is taken from the earth to the moon, it's _____ will remain the same but weight will be different ?

  3. The drama 'Adukkalayilninnu Arangathekku' was written by ?

  4. Which section of the IT Act 2000 deals with the appointment of Controller of Certifying Authorities ?

  5. The land revenue collecting system of Dahsala or Zabti System was introduced by ?

  6. Who founded the political party 'Makkal Needhi Maiam' ?

  7. Which is the second talkie film in Malayalam ?

  8. The first 100% Computer literate village in India ?

  9. Which one is the first mass based Political movement under the leadership of Gandhiji ?

  10. Name the English poet who wrote the preface to Tagore's Gitanjali ?

  11. Name the Communist leader who died at the Kannur Central Jail on 12th May 1948 following Police torture ?

  12. Name the operation launched by India to assist victims of Earthquakes and Tsunami in Indonesia ?

  13. In which temperature both Celsius scale and Fahrenheit scale show same reading ?

  14. The length of the wire is doubled, what is the change in its resistivity ?

  15. 25th Governor of the Reserve Bank of India ?

  16. Which Constitutional Amendment lowered the voting age in India from 21 to 18 years ?

  17. Name the musician of Kerala, who could sing in all the six-beating times ?

  18. Who proposed first the system of arranging elements in the basis of their atomic number instead of atomic mass ?

  19. The Highest run scorer by an Indian Women in an innings in Women's World Cup Cricket Tournament ?

  20. The book 'A Better India, A Better World' was written by ?

  21. Which type of soil are mainly seen in the midland region of Kerala ?

  22. Which group of periodic table is known as halogen family ?

  23. Name the Indian fashion designer who was appointed as the cultural ambassador of Uzbekistan ?

  24. Name the youngest Indian cricketer to score century on test debut ?

  25. What is the name of the study of microscopic structure of tissues and organs ?

  26. Along with who Thycaud Ayya started Saiva Prakasha Sabha in 1884 ?

  27. Which is the union territory that comes under the jurisdiction of Kerala High Court ?

  28. National drink of Pakistan ?

  29. Winner of Gandhi Piece Prize 2018?

  30. Which genetic disease is diagnosed through the Ishihara test ?

  31. President of Indian National Congress in 1924 ?

  32. The oldest newspaper in India Bombay Samachar is published in which language ?

  33. Which blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen from lungs to tissues ?

  34. Name the first Kathakali artist who won Padmasree ?

  35. ______ is the rate at which a processor can complete a processing cycle ?

  36. Which state government launched 'My plant' app to create database on tree plantation ?

  37. The Scheme that provide educational assistance to children of disabled parents ?

  38. Sodium Thyosulphate is also known as ?

  39. President of Interpol ?

  40. Name the poet who was contemporary of both Marthadavarma and Dharmaraja ?

  41. Which state is know as "All Seasons State" ?

  42. Who won India's first Gold medal at 2018 Youth Olympic Games ?

  43. Titanium metal is used as a structural material in the construction of _____ ?

  44. Travancore Temple Entry Proclamation was took place on ?

  45. The first person who got doctorate in music from Kerala University ?

  46. The new Governor of Uttarakhand ?

  47. Nimoo Bazgo Hydroelectric Power Plant is situated in ?

  48. Who founded the Ramakrishna Guild of Help in the USA ?

  49. The process of connecting computers to exchange data is know as ?

  50. Which is the built-in memory of a computer ?

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