Previous/ Important/ Expected English Question and Answer - 16

1. This is the man who _____ the painting (steal, stole, stealing) ?

2. Tanisha decided to ______ the post in the face of protests against her nomination (turn down, turn out, turn up)?

3. Mother Teresa devoted her life to ______ the poor (help, helps, helping) ?

4. The universe __ continuously ever since the beginning of time and the galaxies ____ away from one another at great speed (have been expanding---- has been moving, has been expanding------ has been moving, had been expanding ---- has been moving ) ?

5. _______novel that you gave me is very interesting (a, an, the) ?

6. Correct the Statement :- Each of the boys were given a pen (Each of the boys is given a pen, Each of the boys was given a pen, Each of the boys has given a pen) ?

7. The Prime minister leaves ______ America tomorrow (for, on, to) ?

8. Some accidents ______ by rash driving (caused, are caused, has caused ) ?

9. The meaning of "folly" is (mistake, arrogant, affect) ?

10. Necessity is the mother of _____ (invitation, invention, inventions) ?

11. There are too many boys _____ the bus (in, on, at) ?

12. Change the voice:- Did the blast terrify the children (Were is the children terrified by the blast, Were was the children terrified by the blast, Were the children terrified by the blast) ?

13. It has been raining _____ an hour (when, since, for)?

14. I am junior ____ him (for, to, with) ?

15. Don't bother _____ making coffee (on, for, about) ?

16. All his money _______ spend on the house (have, was, were) ?

17. It is obvious from the leader's mumbling that he does not have a flair ___ public speaking (for, on, to) ?

18. If I had time, I ______ the exhibition (should visit, should visited, should have visit) ?

19. Raju is very clever ____ Physics and Mathematics (at, by, on) ?

20. Which is spelt correctly (accomodation, accommodation, accommadation) ?

21. If you had been more polite, ________ (he will agree, he would agreed, he would have agreed) ?

22. I got _____ opportunity to go to London (a, an, the) ?

23. Have you made any preparations ______ your exam (to, for, in)?

24. Rama speaks English in fluently, ______ (do he, does he, doesn't he) ?

25. My hen ______ five eggs each week (lay, lie, lays) ?

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