Previous/ Important/ Expected English Question and Answer - 14

1. Change to Indirect Speech :- She said to Raju,"I will be late" (She said to Raju that she would be late, She told Raju that She would be late,She told to Raju that She can be late )?

2. Caesar's Wife must be above ____ (doubtful, suspicion, greatful)?

3. A narrow piece of land joining two land masses is known as (strait, peninsula, isthmus) ?

4. You had better _____ home (come, came, had come)?

5. If i find your mobile phone, I _____ it to you (send, will send, would send) ?

6. Can't you wait ____ we get home (when, while, till) ?

7. One who possesses many talents (brilliant, gifted, versatile) ?

8. By this time next year she ____ her course (completed, will completed, will have completed) ?

9. She is the best teacher ____ is available (which, who, that)?

10. A white elephant means (good one, useful one, useless one) ?

11. Do you like _____ (fly, flying, to fly)?

12. You can trust her. She ___not cheat you (will, would, could)?

13. Keep quiet, _____ (can you, can't you, couldn’t you) ?

14. He sat ______ me (beside,behind, besides) ?

15. He has wasted ___ time (much, many, more) ?

16. We ought to help _____ poor (a, an, the) ?

17. He is the _____ Person in the city (rich, richer, richest)?

18. The number of soldiers killed in the war ____ not large (is, was, were) ?

19.Killing of a race of a people (patricide, genocide, fratricide) ?

20. ___ loves beautiful things (nobody, everybody, anybody) ?

21. The postman ____ already (has come, had come, have come) ?

22. Everyone was enjoying, ______ (aren't they, wasn’t they, weren't they) ?

23. The announcement of the results ___ awaited (is, are, were) ?

24. _____ Eskimo lives in an igloo (a, an, the) ?

25. The homework _____ by tomorrow (was done, must be done, will be done)?

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