Previous/ Important/ Expected English Question and Answer - 04

1. You.... Cross the road when the lights are red (Must, Must not, Need not) ?

2. When he was about to be arrested he...... the police (Went for, Went to, Went in)

3. You will get high marks, if you _________ (worked hard, had worked hard, work hard) ?

4. Opposite of “Advance”(Remain, Repel, Retreat) ?

5. The number of soldiers killed in the war ___ not large (Was, were, is) ?

6. Hobson's choice means (The best choice, The last choice, Option of taking one offered or nothing) ?

7. Though he worked hard.... He failed (When, Yet, Than) ?

8. Neither of the students knew the answer,________ (Do they?, Did they?, Didn't they?) ?

9. Synonym of “Profuse” (Plan, lavish, Clear) ?

10. Find out the correct spelling (Lieutenant, Lieutenent, Leiutanant) ?

11. He ______know the right answer (don’t, doesn’t, didn’t) ?

12. He has a deep distrust...... his neighbors (To, By, Of) ?

13. Benevolence means (happy, kindness, cruelty) ?

14. She.... to India six years ago (Came, Has come, Was come)

15. I ___ playing tennis with Paise for a week now (Played, have been playing, was playing) ?

16. She is one __ we can trust (who, which, whom) ?

17. I could not.....the meaning of what he said (Make off, Make away, Make out) ?

18. He was leaning.... the wall (Towards, Against, With) ?

19. Kick the bucket means (To boast, To die, To be lazy) ?

20. The meeting is scheduled __ Friday evening (in, on, at) ?

21. Two prisoners........from jail ( Got up, Got away, Got across) ?

22. He is __ honorable man (a, an, the) ?

23. One of my colleagues.....attended the seminar (is, has, have) ?

24. Kitten is the young one of _____ (Cat, Horse, Tiger) ?

25. “Jargon” means (Discordant sound, Specialized language, Judgment) ?