Current Affairs - 55, Psc General Knowledge Questions,

1. Which Indian State had accepted the proposal for Sister statehood relationship made with South Korean state of Chungcheongbuk
Answer : Haryana 

2. Which e-Commerce company has launched "Tatkal" initiative for small and medium businesses 
Answer : Amazon  

3. The first lyricist to enter the Guinness book of world Records for writing the most number of songs in Bollywood 
Answer : Sammer Anjaan 

4. Which state has decided to introduce a self-certifying scheme for non hazardous industries 
Answer : Odisha

5. Which country has launched ASTRO-H Space Observation Satellite to study the black holes 
Answer : Japan

6. Indian Government and Singapore Cooperation Enterprises (SCE) has signed a MoU in which field 
Answer : Urban Development Governance and Capacity Building 

7. Which state announced a free Bus Pass Scheme for Senior Citizen
Answer : Tamilnadu 

8. Which State Government has signed a MoU with Adani Group to set up a 160 MW capacity thermal power in the State 
Answer : Jharkhand 

9. Haryana Global Investors Summit 2016 was organised in
Answer : Gurgaon 

10. LIGO means
Answer : Laser Interferometer Gravitational- Wave Observatory

11. World's Cheapest Smartphone 
Answer : Freedom 251 

Launched by = Ringing Bells Pvt Ltd 

12. Who launches Environment Information System and Mobile Application 
Answer : Prakash Javadekar 

13. First UN Secretary General from the African continent 
Answer : Boutros Boutros Ghali 

14. Maritime India Summit 2016 was held at 
Answer : Bombay Convention and Exhibition Center 

Inaugurated by = Narendra Modi 

15. Who launches Website for Maiden Maritime India Summit 
Answer : Nitin Gadkari

16. IBA Chairman for 2016-2017
Answer : Rajeev Rishi

17. IBA Banking Technology Award 2016 for risk and fraud management
Answer : Karnataka Bank Ltd

18. Winner of Raksha Mantri's Trophy for Best Service Hospital   
Answer : Eastern Command Hospital (Kolkata)

Second Best Service Hospital = ON US Asvini (Mumbai)

19. The official clothing supplier of ICE World Twenty-Twenty
Answer : Numero Uno 

20. Chief People Officer of Flipkart 
Answer : Nitin Seth

21. US-ASEAN Summit Session was held at 
Answer : California 

22. Prime Minister of Singapore  
Answer : Lee Hsien Loong 

23. President of Singapore 
Answer : Tony Tan Keng Yam

24. Which company has joined hand with Maharashtra Government to solve water crisis problem 
Answer : Paani Foundation 

25. Founders of Paani Foundation company 
Answer : Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao 

26. Big Bazar Direct has tied up with which Payment Service Provider to sell products offline
Answer : Oxigen Services 

27. Chairman of Oxigen Services 
Answer : Pramoad Saxena 

28. Managing Director of Adani Group 
Answer : Rajesh S Adani 

29. President of France 
Answer : Francois Hollande 

30. Prime Minister of France 
Answer : Manual Valls

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