District in Kerala Kollam (Quilon) 50 Questions - 06

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Kollam (Quilon)

1. Kollam was formed on
Answer : 1 July 1949

2. Kollam was formerly  known as
Answer :
Thenvanchi (തേൻ വഞ്ചി)

Desinganad (ദേശിoങ്കനാട്)
Jayasimhanadu (ജയസിംഹനാട്)

3. Prince of Arabian Sea
Answer : Kollam

4. Cashew Capital of the World
Answer : Kollam

5. Architect of Kollam City
Answer : Sapir Iso

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6. Costal Areas in Kollam are famous for Ilmenite and Monazite deposits


7. Kollam has the shortest coastal area among the districts in Kerala

8. Most number of Cashew nut factory in Kerala

9. Highest producer of Sesams (എള്ള്) in Kerala

10. Sardar Vallabhai Patel Police Museum
Answer : Kollam

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11. Headquarters of Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam (SNDP)
Answer : Kollam                      

12. First Neera plant in Kerala is inaugurated in
Answer : Kollam

13. Kerala Government's Vayomitram Project first started in
Answer : Kollam

14. The Kerala State Cashew Development Corporation Limited
Answer : Kollam

15. Travancore Plywood Industries
Answer : Kollam

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16. Kerala Premo Pipe Factory Limited
Answer : Chavara

17. Indian Rare Earth Limited
Answer : Chavara

18. Kerala Minerals and Metals Limited
Answer : Chavara                      

19. First Clay Factory in Kerala
Answer : Kundara

20. Kerala Ceramics Limited is situated at
Answer : Kundara

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21. Kundara Proclamation
Answer : Velu Thampi Dalawa (11 January 1809)                      

22. First Costal police station in Kerala
Answer : Neendakara

23. Indo-Norwegian Fisheries Community Project was established at
Answer : Neendakara (1953)

24. The hottest place in Kerala
Answer : Punalur

25. First Hanging Bridge in Kerala
Answer : Punalur Bridge

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26. Kerala Agro- Fruit products
Answer : Punalur

27. Kerala State Farming Corporation
Answer : Punalur

28. Punalur Bridge was designed by
Answer : Albert Henry

29. Ayilyam Thirunal Rama Varma opened the bridge to the public

30. Punalur Bridge was built across the Kallada River

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31. First Paper Mill in Kerala
Answer : Punalur Paper Mill

32. Kerala State Cashew Workers Apex Industrial Co-operative Society Limited is situated in
Answer : Kadappakada

33. Headquarters of the Cashew Export Promotion Council of India is situated in
Answer : Mundakkal (Kollam)

34. Chattambi Swami Memorial
Answer : Panmana                      

35. India's first Titanium Sponge Plant
Answer : Chavara

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36. First Abkari Court in Kerala
Answer : Kottarakkara

37. State Institute of Rural Development
Answer : Kottarakkara

38. Major fishing harbers in Kollam
Answer : Neendakara and Sakthikulangara

39. First Government Aided Engineering Institution in Kerala
Answer : Thangal Kunju Musaliar Engineering College

40. The highly radiated place in Kerala
Answer : Karunagappally

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41. Old name of Karunagappally
Answer : Martha

42. The only one Duryodhanan Temple in Kerala
Answer : Peruviruthy Malanada Temple or Malanada Temple

Located in = Poruvazhy Village

43. The annual Festival of Malanada Temple
Answer : Malakkuda Festival                

44. Matha Amrithanandamayi Ashram is situated in
Answer : Vallikavu

45. Vallikavu is also known as
Answer : Amrithapuri

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46. The first Eco Tourism Project in India
Answer : Thenmala

47. The first Butterfly Safari Park in Asia
Answer : Thenmala                      

48. The first Tsunami Museum in India is situated in
Answer : Azheekkal

49. World's largest Bamboo Tree was discovered at
Answer : Pattazhi (Kollam)

50. First Railway Line in Travancore
Answer : Kollam to Tirunelveli  

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