Computer Question-5


1. The technology that is used in CD-ROM
Answer : Laser

2. The year which CERT- in(Computer Emergency Response Team India) was introduced
Answer : 2004

3. The first mobile Virus
Answer : Kabeer

4. The founder of  E- mail
Answer : Ray Tomlin son

5. Full form of  NAT
Answer : Network Address Translator


6. The number of functional keys in a keyboard
Answer : 12

7. Software used to prevent hacking is called
Answer : Firewall software

8. Father of Artificial Intelligence
Answer : John MC Cathy

9. The first computer graphic used movie
Answer : Tron

10. Voice response system is an example of
Answer : Input device


11. Computer Memory is normally measured in
Answer : Gigabyte

12. Which one is known as BACK BONE of the World Wide Web
Answer : HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)

13. Adobe Page Maker is an example of
Answer : DTP Software

14. Verification of login name and password is known as
Answer : Authentication

15. Alerts mostly appear in
Answer : Dialog box


16. The slogan of Sun Micro System
Answer : Write Once, Run Anywhere

17. The headquarters of Sun Micro system
Answer : Santa Clare (California)

18. The founder of Computer Chess
Answer : Citric G Prince

19. First 4 G service provider in India
Answer : Bharat Air tel

20. The founder of JAVA
Answer : James A Gosling


21. The founder of Yahoo
Answer : Jerry Yang and David Filo

22. The slogan of Microsoft
Answer : Be What's Next

23. Headquarters of Microsoft
Answer : One Microsoft Way(Washington)

24. The slogan of Intel
Answer : Look Inside

25. Headquarters of Intel
Answer: Santa Clara (California)


26. Spam is also known as
Answer : Junk e-mails

27. IP address means
Answer : Internet Protocol

28. Father of  World Wide Web
Answer : Tim Burners Lee

29. The Headquarters of  World Wide Web is situated in
Answer : Janeeva

30. The highest memory measurement unit
Answer : Geop Byte